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There is something very different about buying a wedding dress. It has nothing to do with fabric and lace.

You acquire the heritage, an entire culture, a unique story that follows you from the moment you imagined it.

Amongst all the wedding couture houses Atelier Zolotas has the most unique heritage that no one can imitate. Everything that happens here is true, it comes through the heart, through the need for intense thrills. You should not accept stereotypes. You've got to dare in a moment as special as you! For all of us here this is not just our job, it is our joy, it is what we consciously choose to do, it's what we love!

Create the wedding dress of your dreams.

In love with fashion design?

Your unique dress, with your style, your personality.

Are you ready for the wedding dress of your dreams to become a reality?

Pen... paper and we're off!

Be everything you've imagined and live an amazing experience!

Unique ideas are born every day at Atelier Zolotas.

A look, a smile, a tear of joy, every simple thought becomes the key ingredient that changes everything. It's all born from a complex combination of peacefulness, love, talent and experienced judgment.

Every dress begins in the same way, with positive energy, inspiration, music, passion and an endless desire for creativity. Those are the basic ingredients combined in harmony to create your own unique dress!

Stylists, wedding advisers, seamstresses, embroiders and craftsmen, we are all eager to begin together every artistic quest to showcase your style and personality.

Working with the creator!

The purity of that moment when you are having yourself measured, checking every detail, the feeling, the confidence that you will have the perfect fit, that it will fit your body like never before!

Love and attention to detail is a personal feeling. Being taken care of, advised and bringing out your best features! Those are experiences you are looking forward to!

There is nothing more real than working with the creator, the artist, the person you shared your vision with! That chose with you every material, that cut it and sewed it, that touched every detail, that always had that "sixth sense"

Handmade is about being unique, it's the artist, it's the creator, it's you!

Lace Couture

Vintage Couture

Boho chic

Ethnic chic

Yolanda and Cristina grew up in their mother's bridal store, where their passion for wedding dresses was born. Slowly, their dream became to design their own wedding collection.

In 2005, they decided to turn their dream into reality and created their own brand.

Since then “YolanCris has become trademarked with their unique bohemian style. All of their dresses are designed and sewn in their atelier in Barcelona, with the highest quality of European fabrics and an obsession to detail and preserving their unique style. That's the magic recipe that has made YolanCris wedding dresses world famous and the favorite choice of celebrities globally...

Novia D'Art's collections have stood out for decades for their elegance and finesse.

Defined by it's Spanish Mediterranean aura with princess vibes and luxurious lace that embrace the female form.

Dresses with breezy, imaginative style and a modern look on traditional design.

Find the perfect dress!

Spanish house "Fara Sposa" is the definition of charm and femininity.

It's creators flawlessly combine traditional with modern style using fine lace and luxurious fabrics with European quality.

With designs that flatter every female body, enhancing and highlighting every angle and curve.

Vouliagmenis Avenue 569, Athens - Greece | t:(+30) 210 9962562-5 | email:info@atelierzolotas.gr

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